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Product Name : Polyester Plaid Fabric

Fu Jyi Lin is Fabric series manufacturer of Polyester Plaid Fabric supplier specializing in Textile Fabric. Fu Jyi Lin Polyester Plaid Fabric provide you quality Polyester Plaid Fabric, Our Polyester Fabrics color are available and Polyester Plaid Fabrics size are available.Polyester Plaid Fabric is one of the earliest uses of polyester was to make polyester suits – all the rage in the 70s. Polyester Fabric clothes were very popular. Due to its strength and tenacity polyester was also used to make ropes in industries.Polyester clothing can be machine washed and dried. Adding a fabric softener generally helps. Dry the fabric at low temperatures to get maximum usage from the clothing.

Customers are very welcomed to research & develop products with us and we also accept custom Plaid Fabric order requested such as width, color, design, quality to produce any products.

Polyester Plaid Fabric

Polyester Plaid Fabric

Polyester Plaid Fabric

Polyester Plaid Fabric

Polyester Plaid Fabric

Polyester Plaid Fabric
Polyester Fabric


1. DW02AR-001 50D*50D 59 67 P/100%

2. DW02BR-001 50D*50D 60 70 P/100%

3. DW03BR 50D*50D 60 69 P/100%

4 DW05AR-001 50D*50D 61 67 P/100%

5. DW06AR-001 50D*50D 60 68 P/100%

6. DW07BR-001 50D*50D 60 67 P/100%

7. DW07CR-001 50D*50D 59 67 P/100%

8. DW07DR-001 50D*50D 60 68 P/100%

9. DW192R 50D*50D 61 72 P/100%

10. DW193R-002 50D*100/2S 60 72 P/100%

11. DW02AZ 50D*100/2S 59 67 P/100%

12. DW20BZ 50D*100/2S 59 67 P/100%

13. DW20CZ 50D*100/2S 59 67 P/100%

14. DW21AZ 50D*100/2S 59 67 P/100%

15. DW21BZ 50D*100/2S 59 67 P/100%

16. DW21CZ 50D*100/2S 59 67 P/100%

17. DW22BR-001 50D*50D 60 68 P/100%

18. DW23AR-002 50D*50D 30 67 P/100%