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Product Name : Curtain Fringe

Fu Jyi Lin is Curtain Fringe manufacturer and Trimming Braid supplier specializing in Textile Materials.Fu jyi lin Curtain Fringe manufacturer provide you quality Curtain Fringe Trim, Curtain Fringe Trimming color are available and Curtain Fringe Trim size are available.Curtain Fringe Trimming canuse in a doorway, window or as a room divider. Trimming Braid tassels or fringe can set off upholstery, curtains or other household furnishings beautifully. Tassels make a lovely accent for curtain pulls, while fringe can be an ideal drapery trim for more ornate designs

Customers are very welcomed to research & develop products with us and we also accept custom Curtain Fringe order requested such as width, color, design, quality to produce any products.
Materials: PP, Nylon, Polyester, Metallic...etc.
Finish: Woven, Knitted...etc.
Size: Any Size
Customers' Designs Are Accepted