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Product Name : Drawstring Pouch Bag

FuJyiLin specializes in manufacturing personalized canvas tote bags and Pouch Bags. We assist designers in customizing their own Pouch Bags to meet specific requirements. Additionally, we offer a variety of options including canvas Drawstring Pouch Bags with zippers, personalized canvas Drawstring Pouch Bags, cotton Drawstring Pouch Bags, and plain canvas Pouch Bags, among others.

Our Drawstring Pouch Bags feature various printing techniques, including screen printing, heat thermal transfer, digital printing, and more. We also offer a range of canvas fabric materials for our Drawstring Pouch Bags, such as cotton fabric, polyester fabric, Non-Woven fabric, Nylon fabric, Satin fabric, and others.

We are capable of accommodating small quantities for custom Drawstring Pouch Bags. For further information or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Material:cotton,polyester,nylon,velvet fabric

Color:Natural or Colors

Item:custom drawstring bags


Usage:Packing shoe,handbag,dust provention



For shopping,garment,shoe,apparel, food,supermarkets bags,gift bag,vegetable,bread etc.

Very Experienced Manufacturer,high quality and best service

Fashionable Style with Excellent Quality & Competitive Price!!

Our bags are made from cotton, a material that is strong, flexible, washable, available in a wide variety of colours and is completely nature. Cotton has a nicer feel to it and it takes print very well. Its very well to being rolled up and carried around in a handbag for impulse purchases. It is biodegradable, but may shrink when washed.


Anyway, STOP using plastic bags! STOP using petrochemical based bags! STOP posing threat to global life!

∞LOW ENERGY: efficient use of energy in production or daily use.


∞RE-USED: clever re-use of materials to produce something new.


∞RECYCLED: made from nature cotton.


∞RECYCLABLE: can be added to your recycling bin or taken to a local recycling site.


∞SUSTAINABLE: made from natural raw materials whose growth can be sustained over time.


We design, make, and sale cotton bags because we are more considerate to the environment we live in. We can make little changes to our lifestyle by using cotton bags. ARE YOU READY?


We also provide an opportunity for you to design your own bag that suits only your need. For that, please do not hesitate to send us your own logo/ design and we will make sure that it is manufactured according to your taste and maintaining the best of the quality.


A range of our creations include the following:

M uslin Drawstring Bags

Shopping Bags

Promotional / Advertising Bags

Wine Bottle Bags

Grocery Bags

Carrier Bags

Gift Bags

Special Bags for any specific occasions like Christmas, New Year etc.

And many other type of bags as per designs and specifications of our customers.

All above bags can be made under your design, customized style, any size. What’s more, we are willing to got any suggestion regarding our production, service from distinguished you.