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Webbing Strap

Product Name : Braided Webbing

Webbing is woven materials usually made from interlaced strands of nylon, polyester or polypropylene. It is possible to braid three or more strips of webbing using the same technique that is used to braid hair. Thin strips of webbing can be braided to create stylish bracelets. You can choose the colors of each strand of webbing to create a braid that reflects your individuality and personal style.Fu Jyi Lin is Webbing Tape manufacturer and Braided Webbing supplier specializing in Textile Materials.

Customers are very welcomed to research & develop products with us and we also accept custom Braid Tape order requested such as width, color, design, quality to produce any products.

1 - Braided Webbing Tape

2 - Braided Webbing Tape

3 - Custom Braided Tape

4 - Custom color Braided Webbing Tape

5 - Custom Braided Webbing Tape

6 - Braided Webbing Tape

7 - Braided Webbing

8 - Width Braided WebbingTape

9 - Braided Webbing Tape 32mm

10 - Braided Tape 35mm

11 - Braided Webbing

12 - Braided Webbing Tape

13 - Braided Webbing 10mm

14 - Flat Braided Webbing 10mm
Braid webbing tape materials:
#PP, #Polyester, #Nylon, #PU leather, #Leather, #

#Wide: 30mm, 33mm,35mm, 38mm, 40mm and 50mm...etc
**We don't have a fixed size, the size is customized according to customer's demand size and design**

Weaving pattern:
#Hazel weaving method

Black White Red Orange Blue Coffee Green and Brown...
"The rest of the colors must be provided with Pantone color matching. The coloring will be slightly different from the Pantone color. The dyeing order quantity is 2000 yards."

Packing method:
in roll, 25 yards/roll, and 5 rolls or 10 rolls in one OPP bag
"If there is special packaging or small packaging demand, an offer will be provided separately"

Minimum Order Quantity:
"Below the basic order quantity, the quotation is provided separately."

If you have any questions about "Braid webbing belt" products or other products of our company
Welcome to call (02) 2301.5900 or #Email: info@fujyilin.com.tw